All Entrées include a house salad, rolls and butter, one cooked vegetable and one starch.


Prime Rib of Beef - $35

Slow roasted boneless prime rib of beef au jus. 10 oz cut per person.


Marinated Grilled Flank Steak - $28

Flank steak marinated in red wine and shallots and grilled.


Beef Tenderloin - $32

Beef Tenderloin rubbed with garlic salt and cracked black pepper served with a gravy or béarnaise sauce.


Beef Stroganoff - $28

Strips of tender beef sautéed with onions, mushrooms, herbs and sour cream. Delicious over egg noodles or rice.


Beef Burgundy - $28

Beef tips braised in red wine, beef broth, garlic, onions and mushrooms. Delicious over egg noodles.



Chicken Marsala - $24

Sautéed chicken breast simmered in a rich Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms.


Chicken Piccata - $24

Sautéed boneless breast of chicken simmered in a flavorful lemon white wine sauce with capers.


Coq Au Vin - $24

Chicken stewed in a white wine sauce with pearl onions, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and seasonings.


Chicken Cacciatore - $24

Italian style chicken with tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Delicious over penne pasta.


Stuffed Cornish Game Hen - $26

Cornish Game Hens stuffed with a flavorful bread and vegetable stuffing and baked to perfection.


Roast Chicken - $24

Assorted chicken cuts dry seasoned and roasted to maintain a juicy texture.



Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin - $26

Pork tenderloin seared with a flavorful herb blend and slow roasted.


Baked Ham - $26

Slow Roasted boneless ham sliced and served with a brown sugar and honey glaze.

Fish and Seafood

Cajun Grilled Shrimp - $27

Large shrimp marinated in a mildly spicy Cajun flavor and grilled.


Baked Stuffed Salmon - $28

A 6 ounce filet of salmon stuffed with a savory mascarpone cheese and spinach mixture.


Traditional Lasagna - $22

Baked casserole of lasagna noodles layered with ground beef, sautéed onions, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce and mozzarella.


Baked Rigatoni - $22

Rigatoni pasta mixed with sausage, ricotta cheese, and tomato sauce then baked.


Pasta Primavera - $20 (Add chicken for $4 per person)

Fresh vegetables mixed with pasta tossed in Alfredo sauce - with or without chicken.



Risotto and Portabella Mushrooms - $21

Creamy risotto made with portabella mushrooms.


Spring Vegetable Ragout - $20

A medley of colorful vegetables; yellow squash, edamame beans, shredded carrots and cherry tomatoes halves tossed with fresh herbs.


Eggplant Parmigiana - $21

Lightly breaded and sautéed eggplant topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.